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Get a step ahead of your competition and implement a mobile marketing strategy right now!

Just imagine for a minute that you were one of the internet pioneers. It’s easy to say after the event, oh, I can’t compete on the internet. There are too many similar websites about. Well, you can compete on the internet, but you can compete even easier on mobile, because there is almost no competition!

So I guess you are now thinking “that’s all well and good, but how do I actually go about using mobile for marketing?”
There are many options available to you and we will cover the most popular and effective methods here.

Just as internet marketers will (or should) tell you “the money is in the list”, the same can now be said about mobile marketing. The only difference is that instead of collecting names and email addresses, you are collecting mobile phone numbers.

In fact, it’s EASIER to do this on mobiles than on the internet!

You’ll have seen messages like “Text DISCOUNT to 88100 to receive 25% off…..”. What these “savvy” marketers are doing is building a database of the mobile numbers of people interested in their product or service. You can do the same and it’s not as hard – or expensive – as you might think.

Let’s take an example of a beauty salon.

Bookings are down and the next month is looking a bit bleak!

What if you could send a quick text message to all of your existing customers saying “Quote code XYZ when you book before dd/mm/yy and get a free manicure with every hair styling”

Do you think that might bring in a few extra customers? Of course it would.

And it’s easy to set up. All you need to do is hand a card to customers when they pay, and the card might say something like “Text BEAUTY to 88100 to receive special offers and discounts”. Simple, and most people will go ahead and text the message. Everyone loves a discount!

Text Marketing Works

Text Marketing Works

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